Today the Swedish Supreme Court ruled that Texas Hold’em played in a tournament format is to be considered a game of skill while playing it as a cash game is to be considered predominately a game of luck. 
I like that ruling. It makes sense to me and I think this is the first time a court anywhere who’s ruled on the balance of luck/skill in the game mechanics of poker seem to have got it. Essentially they have ruled that in the case of tournaments, it is the mechanics of the tournament, not the individual hands in a tournament, that must be judged as being governed by skill or luck . And it’s not like many tournaments feature random payouts. 
The full implication of the verdict is yet to be known. 
Could be exiting news. I’ve already ordered my first 130 tournament tables.

What I don’t like about the ruling is that  it means that the host of the tournament held in Grebbestad on the Swedish west coast in 2007 which led to the court case after being stopped by police, gets away with a rather weak conviction for his role in arranging cash games. I realize putting a big event together (there was like 370 players there) and then having it crashed by the cops is not a delightful experience. I’ve almost had it happen to me.  But that doesn’t mean you can take off with tons of players’ money and lie for years to follow on the whereabouts of that money from the front seat of your recently acquired sports car.
I also think the conduct of the site that was involved as a sponsor was despicable. Instead of taking the opportunity to stand up for the game and fight it out in the court, they ran for the hills claiming they had nothing to do with it.