One of the benefits of running this blog is that I get the honor to hear about and discuss all sorts of ventures and ideas that pop up.

There is a voracious hunger to get into e-gaming that never seems to cease. Fortunately though, what used to be garage based get-rich-quick schemes based on exploiting weaknesses in the psyche of gamblers and in the industry’s economy (a tradition that started with the first Danish casino bonus hunting schemes) , has now been replaced by carefully thought-out initiatives run by people with loads of experience from other related industries.

Sometimes when I’m fortunate enough to discuss this industry with outsiders about to break into it, I realize how dumb I am. How little I and my colleagues have had to do to operate various gambling sites with a certain degree of success.  
Online gaming may be a cut-throat industry, but man, there are (or was) plenty of purses to go around.  
When outsiders enter, they come prepared.

One such recent case is A new online poker site that just launched (hours ago) real money cash games to players from all over the world – including the US. See the Press Release here.

Believing that they have found an underdeveloped niche, the people at Pokerview are determined to open player’s eyes to the concept of web cam poker. No more fake avatars, fake players or fake pros. Just you against whoever is actually staring back.

Such a web cam feature has been discussed before in this blog and the outcome of that discussion was basically that the idea will be very attractive to some and possibly totally out of the question for others. But the key to making it work is to play the angle full throttle. Not just throwing it out there and expecting players to embrace it. I for one believe this is one of those features that once you get accustomed to it, you’ll find it really difficult to go back and play… well nothing. But it will take dedication and ingenuity to help some players cross over. Having had the opportunity to discuss some things with the Pokerview people  I am convinced they have the  drive and  belief in their concept to possibly make it work. Just the fact that they monitor all tables to make sure people don’t try to abuse the web cam feature is proof of that. 
For US players, having few other interesting options available to them, the leap may be a easier than ever before to take. But these days, it’s obviously still a leap to be taken with some care. 
That decision is something I gladly leave for everyone to make on their own.