I’ve made a decision to invest more of the the time I put into this blog to write some more well-researched pieces. That may mean fewer posts but will hopefully not reduce reader value. When a topic catches my attention I will make it public in an attempt to get some of you great industry minds to contribute. There’s knowledge out there that deserves more attention. And topics that demand more scrutiny.

Not shy of ambitious undertakings, I’ve decided I want to know everything there is to know about Bots. Where are they? What are their names? Where do they come from? What do they know? What are their strengths? ¬†Weaknesses? Which is the best one? How frequent are they? How successful?

It is important to note that I am not undertaking this investigative work in order to point fingers at anyone or any site. I will not publish anything that targets a site specifically. The occurance of bots is a huge problem, a minor nuisance or an exploitable concept depending on how you look at it. That’s what I’d like to be able to discuss. But it’s impossible unless a proper survey of the magnitude and frequency of Bots is conducted. Comments, tips, links to related reports, articles, sites, companies or persons that can help me in this venture would be much appreciated. It may fall on its face completely because I get nowhere or it may end up as very interesting and useful coverage of Bots.
Someone might of course already have conducted such a survey. Please ship me the directions if that is the case.

Anyone skilled in analysing online poker traffic who in the past have identified Bots or think they have the skills needed to do so in an analytical fashion, [intlink id=”33″ type=”page”]please contact me[/intlink].

Anonymity and full discretion guaranteed when required.