Basically I just want to review, based on what one can tell from the promo video that was released recently, some of the additions and changes implemented to/it/by WPT that will feature in season IX.
Pros as well as the cons.
Overall I am positive to the changes but still feel that WPT is gunning for less than it could be gunning for.

Here’ the promo. It helps to have seen it:


The packaging.
Everything looks and sounds sleeker, edgier, better. It reallyfeels like the WPT has regained its footing after its status in the poker world took a dive a couple of years ago.

The Dynamic Duo
From the promo reel it seems like Mike and Vince have rediscovered the joy of commenting final tables. The banter is greater than ever and their passion for the game and the action at the table drags me in.

Kimberley Lansing
I’m biased since Kimberley is an old acquaintance, but having worked with her when she first got into poker, I think she’s perfect for the job – especially if the job goes beyond shoving a microphone in the face of recent bustouts asking them how they’re feeling. And in season nine it seems like the Kimberley will do a lot more than just hosting. At least the role  appears to have been upgraded from “host” to “anchor”.

The suit and tie looks really awkward on him, but his Raw Deal segment has a lot of potential. For someone whom I guess people consider (unfairly) more of a champion in theory than in practice, to fill that role takes guts. And having guts is something I admire. . He’ll find himself under a lot of fire handing out judgments on people’s plays like that. But Bond18’s opinion is certainly worth hearing.


The format of the tournaments and the entire setup of season IX looks like it will be a carbon copy of previous seasons.  The last couple of seasons have proven how unsuited this setup is for producing drama in the form of over-arching story lines. Back in the days the frequency with which certain players made those final tables and the fact that most of them were star packed took care of that. Now they have to reach deep and far to find any drama beyond the drama inherent in the final table action.
Maybe the WPT neither needs nor covets narratives that stretch beyond a single episode, but I think it is a shame.
Imho they continue to confuse packaging for content.

Bracelet devalutation
A con closely tied to the above. With bracelets being handed out left right and center, the value of having one has certainly deteriorated. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you keep presenting those bracelets as representing something they no longer represent, it can become one.

Royal Flush Girls
Please god, why?