Dan has tremendous output and is rock to lean on whenever product requirements aren’t up to par or keep shifting. 

Team/Project Lead

With 10+ years of experience with Agile/SCRUM I have the tried and tested skills, as well as the experience to interact with both team and Product Owners to efficiently handle challenges such as runaway requirements and development risks.

Player Retention & Engagement

From conceptualising, to specifying MVP’s, to actual development, I have designed and been part of deploying several products aimed at increasing customer retention and loyalty by harnessing players’ love for competition, co-operation, collection and socialization.

Web development

With 17+ years of experience with Web development with a focus on PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, JjQuery, in all forms from legacy spagetti code to home-rolled OOP frameworks to established products like Laravel, I can step in and quickly become productive if you need a resource within these areas.


I love deconstructing products and comparing features & UX against good practices as well as competitors. My output are practical reports that provide detailed analysis of the steps leading up to design phase complete with solid recommendations and simple wireframe examples.


Kim is an online gaming veteran with a profound passion for game design, monetisation and narration. After seven years in various product, brand, biz dev and marketing positions he started consulting and writing about the making, marketing and monetisation of games in 2010. He's since built a reputation as an industry innovator and opinion leader.


Dan is a veteran Agile/SCRUM Development Manager, UX Manager and Senior Web Product Engineer with experience from several of the industry’s most prominent players. Dan specialises in the conceptualisation, design and creation of immersive meta game functionality such Rewards systems, Competition mechanics, Game Progression layers and Achievement programs.