Kim is unarguably one of the most progressive and creative thinkers in the industry and has that rare ability to see beyond the wisdom of the status quo to the problems that restrict the growth of the sector…

Product Manager

Need to spark som life into your game or product? I’m a scrum certified Product Owner with a documented innovative streak.


Content Producer

I’ve produced marketing assets such as banners, advertorials, newsletters, scripts and social media content for 10+ years.

Business Developer

Is your business ripe for change or a digital transformation? I love to lend a hand in the development of holistic strategies that are supported by Product, embraced by Brand, sellable by Marketing and optimised for Operations.


Digital Marketer

True loyalty is hard to earn. I’m a recognized authority on how to craft and run business-sensible retention campaigns and loyalty programs utilizing game logic, social media and branding.

BI / Monetization

In a world of Big Data and automization it is vital to never forget that customers are living, breathing often irrational beings.  Data can inspire tweaks. Data is great for verifying effects. But it takes experience and insight to break paradigms and truly move the needle.

Brand / Communications

I’m an experienced Brand Manager and Corporate Communicator used to working with international agencies – to the extent that they are needed. Since I cover a lot of ground myself, Copywriting, PR and Web Editor services, I’m a cost-efficient solution for smaller businesses.


Kim is an online gaming veteran with a profound passion for game design, monetisation and narration. After seven years in various product, brand, biz dev and marketing positions he started consulting and writing about the making, marketing and monetisation of games in 2010. He’s since built a reputation as an industry innovator and opinion leader.