May 12th

Check out my latest assignment – the Cut blog series

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I love that poker is, partly, a skill game. I love that there are key theoretical elements of the game that can be studied, memorized and require quick thinking on the fly . But I love even more that all this knowledge is very hard to put into action once you’re in the middle of […]

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May 3rd

New online poker site taking US players proof that the show goes on

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One of the benefits of running this blog is that I get the honor to hear about and discuss all sorts of ventures and ideas that pop up. There is a voracious hunger to get into e-gaming that never seems to cease. Fortunately though, what used to be garage based get-rich-quick schemes based on exploiting […]

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Apr 13th

I want to know everything about Bots. Please help.

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I’ve made a decision to invest more of the the time I put into this blog to write some more well-researched pieces. That may mean fewer posts but will hopefully not reduce reader value. When a topic catches my attention I will make it public in an attempt to get some of you great industry […]

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Apr 6th

Reasonable ruling by the Swedish Supreme Court

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Today the Swedish Supreme Court ruled that Texas Hold’em played in a tournament format is to be considered a game of skill while playing it as a cash game is to be considered predominately a game of luck.  I like that ruling. It makes sense to me and I think this is the first time […]

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Mar 30th

Missing coverage of Betsoft Keno scandal

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Last fall in a post named “” I took a stab at the B2C poker media for being too pro player and big tournament event oriented leaving the B2B media to cover the rest. This I believe  B2B publications like e-Gaming Review, Inside Poker Business and iGaming Business do fairly well although I’d like a […]

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