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The consulting arm of Infinite Edge Gaming is potentially about to take on more work than it can currently handle. As such, we’re looking for someone to team up with from time to time. Preferrably someone who likes to play...

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Under construction…

During the next 24 hours the site may experience some downtime/layout issues as I am about to release the first stage of a new version. As result, I will not be posting anything today.

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New section for e-gaming ad reviews

I’ve wanted to launch this for a while and finally got around to it. The site now features a special section for reviews of various e-gaming ads. I’ll make it easy to get to eventually, but for now everyone will have...

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Now on Twitter, next week at ICE

After intense negotiations with myself I’ve decided accept one of the proposed candidates for a Twitter nickname. This almost uncrackable nut of a problem has so far kept me away from the chirping  twitterverse. But no...

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Subscribe to comments

It should now be possible to subscribe to comments made to posts on the blog. Given that there is a lot of good content submitted as comments, and that comments are sometimes made days and weeks after the initial posting, I...

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Comments on comments

I’m thrilled that more and more people are taking the time to comment various posts. A lot of the topics covered need to be truncated to fit the format of a blog and the comment functionality is there  to enable questions...

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