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Poker’s next big story

Throughout its decade long journey from a game enjoyed by a few degenerate millionaires and colorful pros in dark-lit casinos, to a game loved and played by millions online, poker has relied on great stories to keep its momentum...

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Beyond peak fold?

There is a popular theory about online poker that predicts that the industry will slowly cool and eventually end in optimum strategy entropy. Poker’s equivalence of Heat Death.  There will no longer be any strategic room...

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A quick heads up on HUDs

Having opinions about HUDs is in fashion these days. As someone who’s been writing about this topic since I launched this blog in 2010 I’m thrilled. The increased attention has led me to rejoin a conversation I’ve stayed away...

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One Drop too many?

Man, I haven’t been this glued to a poker production since the last year’s Main Event final table broadcast. And I’ve been glued to it even before today’s hole-card revealing stuff. The One Drop tournament is simply too...

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An Epic failure of faith

Since the inception of the Epic Poker League I haven’t written or said much about the league for reasons I don’t want to disclose. But given the recent chapter 11 bankruptcy announcement from the company behind the league,...

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