Nov 29th

Closing remarks on the EGR Awards

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The “Oscar’s” of the industry has come and gone and with the smoke settled I want to make a few closing remarks before turning my attention to more fruitful topics than who received an reward most people in the industry don’t seem to rank very highly anyway (the party is a different matter). Bet365 won […]

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Nov 23rd

Ship it to the Frenchies

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With the EGR Awards less than 48 hours away and the interest in any content on this blog related to the event being so low (according to Google Analytics), I’m going to keep this brief. I interpret the lack of interest as a testament to how little you industry insiders care about the award – which […]

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Nov 17th

The innovator nomination

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Every award category like “Poker Operator of the Year” needs a nominee chosen predominately for its innovative ways. Innovation takes courage and radical thinking. It requires companies to play the long game in an industry that is in such a constant state of flux that your carefully planned innovations could be obsolete or even illegal […]

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Nov 15th

888 versus Pokerstars for the nomination

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I have no grudge against 888. I think Gigi Levy is one of the most inspiring top level e-gaming managers I’ve ever heard speak. And overall, 888 appear to be a pretty successful company. I’m just not sure they’re a worthy candidate for a 2010 Poker Operator of the Year Award. With the 2010 EGR […]

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Nov 8th

Poker Operator of the Year?

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With about two weeks to go before the Annual EGR Awards event in London, and with me making about the short list for the Poker Operator of the Year award, I figured it was time to do something about it. I’m not trying to make enemies out of anyone. I just happen to like the […]

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