Feb 8th

Are you poker?

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In their new ad campaign Pokerstars raises the stakes by making the claim: “we are poker”. Is that a legit claim? And if so, do the ads make the claim justice? These are the questions answered in this short review of the campaign based on the ads I have seen. To reach the point where […]

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Mar 30th

Winamax goes medieval in this ad that is definitely served “well done”

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One of the trickiest challenges to overcome when deciding to advertise for online poker on TV is that you have to speak to such a wide variety of existing and potential customers. The online poker world is scene just like, I don’t know, X-game sports is a scene. Do anything that is branded as lame, […]

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Feb 25th

Paddypower do not need to refund anyone over this superb ad

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I’m a born smartass and the type of personality that worries more about things not being as good as they could be than celebrating the things that are. It’s a psychological trait that manifests itself in many ways. I have, for example, been a goalie in every sport featuring a goalie that I’ve ever dedicated […]

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Feb 22nd

Shane Warne and new software makes for a decent ad

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Shane Warne has been a promoter for 888poker for quite some time. And he seems dedicated to it which is more than one can say about all athletes turned poker site promoters. He’s a somewhat weird pick to me, but apart from a fantastic experience in Adelaide watching Australia and New Zeeland bowl each other […]

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Feb 9th

Betclic piledrives this ad into the ground

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I really want to like this. Really, really want to like this. Heck, Norse Nacho Libre style wrestlers? You have me at at the firt choke slam.  But sadly I’ m left feeling unsatisfied. In place of a powerbomb of punchline and a real urge to try out poker betclic I get a concept that […]

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