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Are you poker?

In their new ad campaign Pokerstars raises the stakes by making the claim: “we are poker”. Is that a legit claim? And if so, do the ads make the claim justice? These are the questions answered in this short review of the...

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Men in thongs never fail

Lastly we have this ad which seems to be the result of some kind of “promote your own home game” video competition. Good idea and I think this ad comes closest of the three Home Games ads I’ve reviewed to...

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Negreanu pitching Home Games

In this clip, Negreanu earns his Pokerstars dollars explaining the basics and wonders of Pokerstars Home Games. I hope the Pokerstars people really value their relationship with Daniel. Imho, he is one of few pro players that it...

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Review of banned Pokerstars commercial

Someone asked me what I thought about the new Pokerstars commercial that if I’ve understood things correctly, was made for the German market but ended up being banned from being displayed on TV in Germany. I’ve heard two...

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