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Poker’s next big story

Throughout its decade long journey from a game enjoyed by a few degenerate millionaires and colorful pros in dark-lit casinos, to a game loved and played by millions online, poker has relied on great stories to keep its momentum...

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Beyond peak fold?

There is a popular theory about online poker that predicts that the industry will slowly cool and eventually end in optimum strategy entropy. Poker’s equivalence of Heat Death.  There will no longer be any strategic room...

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Fearing the complex

”But Kim, why are you guys making the game more complex? For years you’ve been telling us that we need to cater more to recreational players. Surely making poker even more complicated will have the opposite effect?” This is a...

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Pay… please?

Price and revenue is no longer a function merely of product and market. It’s also the function of the means by which a company extrudes value from its product. In a time when all of us a are getting increasingly used to...

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