May 5th

EGR LIVE – Future of poker networks

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In the last installment of my three part I’ll rather briefly reflect on a third topic that caught my eye on the EGR Live seminar schedule – the future of poker networks.  Since I couldn’t be there I decided to offer my input digitally. The seminar took place yesterday and the panelists were Jonas Odman, […]

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May 4th

EGR LIVE – Differentiate or Die

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Due to some intriguing developments I’ve had to postpone my other two EGR LIVE seminar articles. So while I intended them to be published before the actual seminars took place, retrospect analysis will have to do. But I still have no idea what the panelists have said and hope to pair up against them and […]

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May 3rd

EGR LIVE – Comments on upcoming CMO panel debate

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As promised on twitter last week, I’m going to offer my own comments on some of the topics slated to be addressed ad this week’s EGR LIVE Event held May 3 to 4 in London. There are some good topics on the board, some good people on the various panels and some interesting times ahead. […]

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