Category: Consulting

Content creation

Online poker is a content driven game. And the game itself produces more juicy content than an orange plantation.  But it is vital, in order to maximize immersion, to move beyond instructive tutorials, standard strategic guides...

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The acquisition game is changing. Players are gravitating towards big, trusted brands. And the importance of retention through the development of brand loyalty has increased with the enforcement of margin depleting taxes in...

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Player Valuation and Loyalty

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that fractions within the industry have started to doubt the validity of the basic player valuation/loyalty model. I should know – I was one of the first people to work on the problem. And I...

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Market and Social Communication

It’s simple right. Figure out what to say, whom to say it to and where to say it. So far so good. Only problem is that the crowd is equipped with pitch forks made out of losses, are driven to a frenzy by the smell of payback...

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