I lost my first coinflips when the WSOP was still played at the Binions and Paradisepoker.com was the place to play. I have spent the years since learning to love and hate almost every single aspect of this industry. The same can be said for the game of poker in which the feats worth bragging about are few and far between. And it is not from lack of trying.

I joined PokerRoom.com in 2004 at a time when the then SEO and community focused site was gearing up to make itself known. While the ride was bumpy and the mistakes were many I am still proud of what we accomplished particularly in terms of driving business through community on a level yet to be matched but comparative industry peers. Many of today’s regulars began their playing careers with us. I also had my hand in the creation of the HoldemPoker.com which managed to grab an essential piece of market share without a single dime of traditional advertising.

Due to UIGEA I eventually switched sides and joined B2B supplier Ongame Network where I after having been part of returning network liquidiity to pre- UIGEA days in less than six months, focused mainly on re-defining the network business and restructuring communication and brand thereafter.

in 2008 I was called back to the mother company, bwin, to lead efforts to establish a 360 degreee poker strategy. This work, amongst many other initiatives lead to the release, through Ongame Network, of a new player valuation/reward model called Essence. It was the fruit of over four years of fighting the inherit flaws built into the standard rake/reward business model employed by all major online poker suppliers today. It was a first step on a very long road towards re-establishing poker as a competitive game from a profitability point of view. I am eagerly looking forward to taking the next steps.