With 30 years of experience between us, we have something to say about how games and gaming services are made, marketed and monetised.

“Manufacturing losses is an uphill battle for customer satisfaction that you can never truly win. But you can get ahead of the store next door. If you learn how to shape and craft meaningful and functional losses.”

“While I am first in line hailing any company willing to innovate in the poker space I do feel that the industry, in somewhat typical fashion, has rashly pivoted from a position of under-estimating the potential of mobile to a position of over-estimating that potential.”

“From a holistic liquidity theory point of view, it doesn’t matter which player is what. It only matters that some players are in one state while others are in another state.”


Both Kim and Dan are involved in the poker-based, free-to-play competitive card game Hands of Victory


Kim is an online gaming veteran with a profound passion for game design, monetisation and narration. After seven years in various product, brand, biz dev and marketing positions he started consulting and writing about the making, marketing and monetisation of games in 2010. He's since built a reputation as an industry innovator and opinion leader.


Dan is a veteran Agile/SCRUM Development Manager, UX Manager and Senior Web Product Engineer with experience from several of the industry’s most prominent players. Dan specialises in the conceptualisation, design and creation of immersive meta game functionality such Rewards systems, Competition mechanics, Game Progression layers and Achievement programs.